Faye Dawson - Photography  Anete Lusina

Faye Dawson - Photography Anete Lusina

I am a prolific name-dropper, a lover of Leeds, a nerd for words and a devotee of dialects; I also love red wine, bourbon, strong black coffee and The Rolling Stones - alas I am yet to be able to drop their names.

I have worked in PR for almost 20 years – and I fell into it. After somehow securing myself a job as a Marketing Assistant (my winning interview skills, smile and fabricated CV), it was about six months in that my boss said, ‘you’re definitely more PR, Faye’.
My job title was changed, and my career began; suddenly my crazy, varied work history came together and made sense.
This is what I was meant to do.
I was meant to shout about things that I loved and believed in; I was meant to start conversations and introduce like-minded people; I was meant to cut through the crap; I was meant to write.

And that’s what I do.

Here’s what others think about me


An endorsement from a very busy person whose load was lightened by Faye. She came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. The amazing thing about her was that she didn't create more work in hiring her. We gave her a budget and an idea of what success would look like to us and she knew exactly what she was doing, defined her own role and was completely self motivated and self sufficient. She exceeded our expectations, our project was in all the local newspapers and on the radio too. She was completely supportive, but concise in what she needed from us. She didn't give us any problems without a solution too - she knew press photographers, volunteers who could help out etc. Thanks Faye, I doff my giant paintbrush in appreciation of your skills :)


Having read about the extent of loneliness in Leeds and its effects on people of all ages Nichola secured funding to run free, creative ‘gatherings’ in Leeds Markets every week for several months. I worked with her to let people know about it - that it was for all regardless of language, age, gender; a lovely gig to work on. The giant paintbrush was for a photo opp! Ha! I like me a PR prop.


Faye was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. She immediately became a part of our team and really championed the work we were doing. She also secured an extraordinary amount of coverage across platforms, no doubt thanks to her impeccable networks and eye for how best to connect with press on the story we needed to tell. We would jump at the chance to work with her on future projects. Faye is one of those PRs who genuinely will make you feel a bit emotional about how good she is at her job.


I worked with Poet in the City on a one-off event in April 2019 at Leeds Library that celebrated the cultural impact the Windrush generation has had on Leeds. ‘Colonisation in Reverse’ was part of a countrywide initiative rolled out by the British Library - it was a great success and a joy to work on

Faye consulted on PR for Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Phoenix at Home performance in 2017 and Spring 2018 Tour [incorporating the World Premiere of Windrush: Movement of the People] and was a joy to work with. From her excellent copywriting skills and ability to craft complex messages, to her straightforward, energetic and fun approach to PR, she was a real asset to the team. Faye has excellent media contacts, especially with Yorkshire broadcast, online and print media, and also secured a number of national features and interviews. Our PR and marketing campaign for Spring 2018 contributed to a 55% rise in ticket sales on opening night than the previous year – success!

Anna Ferris Marketing Manager at Phoenix Dance Theatre

Having worked with FDPR on two of our three Leeds Rum Festivals I can say that in both a personal and professional way she is INCREDIBLE! If you need PR for your business, speak to Faye. No bullshit, always smiling, and she works hard to understand what you need and help you with the bits even you don’t understand.

SamANTHA Fish – Co-FOUNDER of Leeds Rum Festival

Leeds Rum Festival is great! I am currently working on 2019’s. Thanks to my work with Phoenix Dance Theatre and Poet in the City I have introduced LRF to Leeds Black Music Festival and they are now working to support each other. Black Music Festival will provide the entertainment at this year’s Rum Fest - Saturday September 21st at Leeds Corn Exchange.

I first worked with Faye Dawson PR on the run up to taking Mind the Gap’s show Mia to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. Having never worked on a show that had been to the Fringe, I was looking for someone who could hit the ground running and maximise PR opportunities over this period. Faye certainly delivered on that!

With only a couple of months to prepare for the performances in Edinburgh, Faye guided us through the process with efficiency, effectiveness and her trademark effervescence to ensure we capitalised on all potential avenues at the Festival.

Having built a strong, trustworthy relationship with Faye last year, I’m thrilled to be working with her again on Mind the Gap’s 30th birthday campaign, as well as other exciting projects into the future. Faye is always available to lend her highly professional and sound guidance in all things PR, as well as being a hugely beneficial critical friend to Mind the Gap. Faye is also great for a friendly chinwag over a cuppa!

Rob Abbey, Audience Development Officer, Mind the Gap theatre company one of the largest learning disabled theatre companies in europe.

I must ask Rob to update this! In April and May 2019 I worked with Mind the Gap on their huge outdoor production ZARA - it was a blast! We secured The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, Good Morning Britain, The One Show, Sky News and loads more and attracted an audience of over 5,000 across four performances.

FDPR - not at all useless.

Larry & Paul of BBC Radio Leeds

Working with Faye was a pleasure. Through doing the obvious PR things, to doing the little, super helpful stuff, she really supported me and the show from the moment she joined the team. Faye is warm, friendly and f**king great to work with.

Koko Brown, ACTRESS, SINGER, POET, WRITER, PERFORMER and creator of White

I worked with Koko on promoting her performance ‘White’ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018. The asterisks in the word ‘fucking’ are hers.

Faye has been fab to work with.  She quickly got her head around our business and translated our brand personality into the copy she produces.  Her flexible and professional approach has been fantastic, enabling us to keep PR content moving during a busy time for the business.


Faye started working for Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd on a temporary basis in 2011 and it swiftly became apparent that she was someone who would be a huge asset to not just the Communications team but to the whole company. Her ability to cut to the heart of what makes a good story for the press, willingness to quickly adapt and adopt newer forms of media (we were one of the first local theatres to invite cultural bloggers to review on press nights) and ability to make anyone and everyone feel welcome and comfortable helped to put the venues on the map with local media and made her one of the most respected venue PRs in the country.

Her decision to leave after six very successful and busy years left a gap which we instantly filled by asking her to freelance for us for a few months while we found a replacement.

Faye approaches her work, whether PR, social media or copywriting with enthusiasm, honesty and healthy dose of humour. She was a delight to work with, professionally and personally and the coverage she gained and contacts she brought us have a lasting legacy for the organisation.

Amy Sanderson – Head of Communications at Leeds Grand Theatre and City Varieties Music Hall

Always fab to work with Faye Dawson PR – she knows her stuff.

Charlotte Leeming - BBC Journalist and Broadcaster

No job is too small or too large for Faye. Her copywriting skills are excellent, and she knows how to pitch her clients work and where to pitch it.

… when Faye came along I knew I could safely put my projects in her hands.

For On Stage Theatre Arts Academy’s production at City Varieties Music Hall in November 2017, she did a phenomenal campaign for me; she came up with some brilliant ideas and was right on deadline with all the project. Her work was well written, to the point, and she had a real sense of what the press needed.

Faye’s time in theatre has given her lots of contacts who really love her infectious personality and she has no difficulty in charming them to give coverage or air time.

Liz Coggins – Principal of On Stage Academy, journalist and theatre critic


I sometimes collaborate with other fabulous, creative independents and am happy to recommend them:

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For your graphic design and creative needs speak to Nina Hunter. Nina is an accomplished, versatile brand designer, illustrator, typographer & oil painter who has been creating beautiful and effective campaigns for multiple design-conscious brands locally and globally.

Anete Lusina

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