An Introduction to The 24 Blogs of Christmas

The 24 Blogs of Christmas idea came to fruition for a host of reasons.

#1: I have some lovely clients that I like to shout about and wanted to give them an extra boost.

#2: Among my peers is a growing desire to support local, small businesses.

#3: I know many small, independent businesses all working their socks off to make a living. They can’t afford a PR/Comms bod - it is a skill (honest!) that needs paying for, and I figured I could help a few folk out.

#4: The Christmas theme is really just a hook - this is about getting some good folk out there, folk who can be utilised all year round. A small business is not just for Christmas.

#5: I do my own PR. This is part of it. See above.

#6: Among my peers is a growing desire to cut down on waste - these ideas are mostly in support of that and ones I feel won’t end up in landfill.

#7: Publicly committing to producing a piece of writing every day means I have to do it, and this is A Good Thing For Me To Do. BUT, because, as always, I am flying by the seat of my pants, the writing will not be perfect. I will beat myself up about this, and think of a zillion other ways I could have written something, but I will also learn from it. And if just one person even thinks about taking a look at the product I’ve written about, then that’s good for me.

#8: I thought it might be fun.

That’s it really.

I promise to always be honest; I will say if I am writing about a client or a friend; I will say if I haven’t had direct experience of the product and in that case will explain why I’m writing about it. I will happily respond to queries and suggestions; I won’t respond to trolls.

Wishing you all a very happy December. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything for anyone, but do spread love, happiness and support wherever you can.

Faye DawsonComment