Warm Yer Christmas Cockles for Nowt with Day-Six-Or-Is-It-Seven of The 24 Blogs of Christmas

I didn’t complete Day Six of my 24 Blogs of Christmas. This was due to over-commitment (moi?!) and a desire, nay need, to drink wine, watch crap telly and not do any more thinking.

So, with apologies, here is: Day-Six-Or-Is-It-Seven of The 24 Blogs of Christmas as started yesterday…

And now we take a break from all that spending and gifting to bring you summat for nowt.

That’s right!

Free. Gratis. Nada. Zip. Bugger all. 

This is more of a pre-Christmas gift, a break from your Christmas shopping, something that’ll give you a giggle and warm your cockles and if you have wee ones (kids, not cockles), it just might shut them up for a while.

I bring you … drum roll please … SANTA AND THE GOBLIN MARKET!

Starring Trixie Pixie, Scary Fairy and – of course – Santa, this is an absolute delight of a show right in the heart of Leeds Kirkgate Market; great fun, great costumes,live music and song, much hilarity and a large dollop of Christmas Spirit (no Bourbon, alas, though I’m sure there’s a stall that sells it, which is handy because I’m pretty sure the actors are in need of one when they’re done).

Santa and the Goblin Market is aimed at families with young children but – because since when did I follow any ‘shoulds’ – I dropped in on my own a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself.*  

I even saved Christmas.

You’re welcome.

The Goblin King is out to Ruin Everything (boooo hissss!); he must have his heart of stone melted or Christmas just won’t happen.

This is how I saved our festivities when I was there; I hugged the Goblin King.

And whose heart wouldn’t melt with a hug from Yours Truly?

(I have a list, but that’s for another time.) 

For those who cannot bear being involved in a theatrical performance – I’m looking at you Phil Kirby – please do not fear.

I promise that you are not forced to join in (I’m just an eternal attention seeker), you are fully permitted to stand back and just enjoy. 

(That said, we did once get Mr Kirby up dancing at a Panto. I say ‘we’, it might have been the free wine supplied at the Press Night reception.) 

So if you’re in town on the dates below do drop in, or if you need to go into Leeds centre, make it these dates; it’ll help you face those hectic City streets.

Now a note from our sponsors.

Santa and the Goblin Market is free – they only request your lovely selves.


The company that produce and perform the piece – Alive and Kicking Theatre Company – take theatre into schools.

That’s their Thing.

I know from personal and professional experience how important theatre in schools is, and what a profound and positive affect it has.

Some kids (and therefore adults) will never go to a theatre, or experience live performance in this way, and I know for a fact that even a glimpse of it can be life-changing for young people and their parents. 

I have too much to say on the importance of The Arts in society – I don’t know where to start or end – but please know, its power is terrific. 

I mean look at Phil ‘Mr Morose’ Kirby. It quite literally moved him.**

The work Alive And Kicking do in schools and communities is phenomenal - and it can only happen with funds.

To this end they have a shop selling lovely Christmas artwork based on the ‘set’ of Leeds Market and the show. All money raised supports A&K’s work in schools - so pick up a piece of art and support… art.  

AND TOMORROW FOR ONE DAY ONLY - Saturday 8th December – you can meet Trixie Pixie, Scary Fairy and Santa ahead of the gig!

They’ll be welcoming children and their families to share stories and songs.

(Please note tomorrow’s event is not Santa and the Goblin Market.)

Here’s the deets. 

Meet Santa, Trixie Pixie and Scary Fairy on Saturday December 8th – each session is approximately 20 minutes:

11am, 11.30am, 12 noon, 12.30pm (not 12,30am as Leeds markets are billing it. Unless there’s an adult version I don’t know about) 2pm, 2.30pm and 3pm. 

Catch Santa and the Goblin Market:

Saturday 15 December at 11am and 2pm

Saturday 22 December at 11am and 2pm

Sunday 23 December at 11am and 2pm

Monday 24 December 11am and 2pm 

And buy some lovely art from their Christmas Shop here:


*I should say that the reason I dropped in alone is because I know Trixie Pixie. Luke Dickson is a friend and a ridiculously talented actor. You might have seen him recently with Leeds Theatre Company, Red Ladder - he was Brian Clough in Damned United and The Cook in Mother Courage.

He’s also a talented voice over artist – he once recorded a piece to promote Leeds (yay!) and I nearly cried when I heard it.

A voice to die for.

His wife - my best friend – may disagree, or agree in a literal sense…

** Phil Kirby is a Cultured Vulture; a talented writer, a social commentator and an all round smart arse. You can read his work here https://theculturevulture.co.uk/

About Alive & Kicking 

Alive And Kicking deliver high-quality interactive drama for primary schools within and beyond the creative curriculum. They create epic narrative journeys that explore complex moral and social issues and offer a cross-curricular and community focus. They are dedicated to making dramas that involve working with the children themselves and with parents, teachers and the wider community.

For more information and to book them for piece of theatre bespoke to your needs:


Follow Alive And Kicking on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaktc/

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