I Blame Nina

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My first blog on my brand new, lovely website created by Nina Hunter.
Nina is an incredible artist and designer; you can find out more about her here www.ninahunter.com and I highly recommend that you do. I’m after one of her beautiful oil paintings and have already ordered one of her brand-new T-shirts.
I’m A Fan.
Check her out, enjoy and until next time, take care and be happy.
Faye x

I can’t end there?
It needs to be longer?!
Yes, I know I’m the copywriter and storyteller but… well, I have no idea where I’m going with this blog thing - it was Nina’s idea.
I blame Nina.
I’ve got to write a bloody monthly newsletter too – what was I thinking?
I blame Nina.
OK, I’ll be honest, as it’s just you, I was thinking that if I commit to it on my website I will have to do it; it’ll force me to sit and write for myself.
You see, I write a lot for others – clients and friends - and I absolutely love it, it’s my Favouritest Thing To Do. But I also want to write for me and figured this might give me some focus; form ideas that will lead to me writing my best-seller-that-will-be-made-into-a-film.
So, whilst writing this I’ve decided I’m not going to have a plan (why change the habit of a lifetime?); I’m not going to have a theme; I’m not going to promise the inner workings of the PR mind – I’m just going to write about something that’s caught my imagination and share it with you.
And I’ll do it pretty regularly.
Also, if you want me to land in your Inbox every month you can sign up to my newsletter here.
I have absolutely no idea what that’s going to be about either.
You can come with me on my journey to Who Knows Where.
And you too can blame Nina.


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