FDPR Turns Two!

Last week I turned two!

It’s two whole years since I crossed that bit of crap laminate floor from my bedroom to What Was The Spare Room, sat at my homemade desk, stared at the laptop, and thought ‘now what?’

And now what?

It’s been one helluva journey; a huge learning curve; a roller coaster of emotions, and lots of other cliches.

I have met, worked with, and befriended many incredible people and have met, worked with, and not befriended many arseholes - one can learn a lot about oneself from arseholes.

I have learnt that you can use both learnt and learned but that learnt is more British English so I’m using learnt.

I have learnt so much about my craft that I’m pretty damn chuffed wi’ me sen [translation: somewhat pleased with myself] and now I’m off to work it all out, write some more words about it, and create a plan of attack on the world of Communications.

If you’ve got good* stuff you want to shout about and you’re not that good at shouting about it - gimme a call.

Call Me.

Ring Ring Why Don’t You Give Me A Call.

I’m in the phone booth it’s the one across the hall…

Or you can always email.

*I don’t support preaching shite and hatred; if that’s your bag do scroll on by.

Thanks to my mate Justin for putting my face on the image used in this blog. You can see his work here https://justinleeming.crevado.com

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