What Faye Did This Week

This week I compared myself to the rather fabulous Richard E Grant.

Twice in one day.

It wasn’t intentional but once I’d done it I was quite pleased with myself.

First I used one of his quotes from Withnail and I to tell people I’d taken a full three days off.

‘I went on holiday by mistake’! (I know I know! I’m such a wit.)

I’m not sure anyone was interested in the fact that I’d taken three days off let alone even noticed; I don’t know why I was telling people at all.

But I social-mediad (‘tis a verb) about accidentally taking three days off.

Maybe I was feeling guilty.

Or being a bit of a martyr despite saying I wasn’t being a martyr.

Or maybe I just wanted to crank a Withnail and I quote into my social media to appear to be a film intellectual.

Or maybe it was all of the above (likely).

Either way I told everyone I’d gone on holiday by mistake and posted a picture of the lovely Richard E Grant as Withnail.

Later that same day I was getting ready for an event and was desperately trying to cover a huge spot that had erupted on my cheek (AFTER HAVING THREE DAYS OFF TOO) and I compared myself to Richard E Grant in How to Get Ahead in Advertising.

You know where he gets a spot on his neck and it grows and grows and gets a face and starts talking to him?


Again I was a little smug.

I know TWO Richard E Grant films! Look at MEEEEE. I’m smart and clever and oh-so-witty. I should be Rich’s BFF.

I tagged him on Twitter but he never called back.

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