- Copywriting & Rewrites -

I love writing and editing - I mean I LOVE it.
I can write your social media posts, create website copy, newsletters, blogs, profiles and bios, marketing literature, Q&As, speeches and internal communications.  
In short, anything that requires the written word to communicate, I’m your woman.
I’m a skilled editor; if you have a piece of work that isn’t sitting right, hand it over; a piece of work that’s too long, hand it over; can’t get your message into 280 characters for Twitter? Hand it over. Need a proof reader? Hand it over.
You give me the message and the facts - I get on with it.

- social media advice -

Twitter is fast, Facebook is focussed, and Instagram is chill.
Each are great ways to communicate with potential and existing customers but posting needs to be regular and content needs to be engaging - and that takes time, effort and skill.
I can help you create content, I can help write posts and I can even put a plan in place where I write them for you. I can help you connect with others, build followers and encourage engagement.
Social Media is a hugely important part of any PR & Communications campaign.
And I’m a bit of a sucker for it.


- Media Relations -

This is where I started out some 17 years ago; there was no social media then, in fact I used to fax press releases. Fax! Sending a press release took hours.
I digress.
I research and understand your product, identify potential media opportunities and narratives, build a bespoke contact list, write your media release and distribute.
I manage all media enquiries for you, coordinate interviews and any requests; I collate coverage and advise on how to support with social media.
I have vast experience in coordinating, managing and hosting press events – and a good reputation for doing so.
I no longer use a fax.

- Review of your Current Comms -

I’m your critical friend.
Not the kind that insults you under the pretence of being honest, I mean a proper friend; a friend that you can pick up the phone to, have a drink with and trust with anything and everything; the friend who has your back.
Sometimes we get so involved with what we’re doing on a day to day basis, we can’t see beyond it; it might just need an outsider with a bit of nous to have a good look over it and give you pointers.
How are you talking to your customers/potential customers?
What tools are you using to speak with them?
What is your personality?
What opportunities are you missing out on?
It’s good to have a shake-up.